Industrial building for Sale in Castilenti


Reference 7800
Price 987.885 €
Typology Industrial building
Contract vendita
City Castilenti
Sq.m. 2.888
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

Subject of this sale is a shed with office building, located in Castilenti (TE), Contrada Cancelli. The complex is about 5 km from the center of Castilenti and 20 km from the Pescara Nord exit of the A14 motorway. The complex was built in 1998 and then renovated in 2001. The property consists of a shed for use as a shed, with attached maintenance services, ancillary rooms, an office building and services on two floors. In the basement there is a 1,000 square meter tank in reinforced concrete for refrigeration and fire protection. The remaining area of ​​relevance is intended for parking, storage, as well as for maneuvering spaces. The supporting structure and the roofing elements of the industrial shed have been realized with prefabricated concrete elements, the roofing is of the type with prefabricated double-slope beams. The external walls consist of vertical prefabricated reinforced concrete panels, insulated with expanded polystyrene. The external fixtures consist of aluminum windows with glass, the external doors are book-shaped with panels, the individual doors of the production areas are all used as emergency exit with anti-panic handle. The perimeter curtain wall and the internal dividers have been made with reinforced concrete and traditional brick blocks. The complex is equipped with electrical, hot and cold thermal systems, sanitary facilities and IT network infrastructure. Urbanistically the object area is inserted in the P.R.E. of the municipality of Castilenti. The complex is in fair maintenance and conservation conditions.The property is currently leased, movable property inside is not the subject of this sale.Property described in expert report attached as "Complex B"Shed: 2,638 sqmAccessories: 362 square metersBuilding: 250 square metersLand: 13.472 sqmFull ownership of(CF): Sheet 23 - Particle 18 - Subordinate 1 - Cat D / 7(CT): Sheet 23 - Particle 18 - Urban authority